• Business Enterprise Solutions 

    ProSoft utilizes SAP’s ASAP Implementation Methodology to help you analyze, deploy, and optimize SAP applications...

    Business Enterprise Solutions

    Process Integration 

    All industries are faced with an increased need for end-to-end business processes with real-time exchanges, spanning multiple companies with disparate systems, inconsistent standards and legacy applications.

    Process Integration
  • Payment Gateways 

    ProSoft solution enables end to end straight through processing and seamless integration to internal applications and external partners. Interactions are monitored through the entire lifecycle and exceptions are managed.

    Payment Gateways

    Phase 2+ Delievery Partner 

    Phase 2+ projects begin after the SAP foundation is implemented and leveraged within the enterprise as the “back office” business process backbone.

    Phase 2+ Delievery Partner
  • Call Center Solutions 

    Solution focused on simplifying your call center operations with pre-built Business rules and Process Management assets. Built on top of SOA Framework and other industry best practices that automate your call centers, reduce breaks, improve customer service and optimize your costs.

    Call Center Solutions

    IBM Business Process  

    IBM Business Process Manager is a comprehensive BPM platform giving you visibility and insight to manage your business processes. ProSoft has tremendous product & platform expertise with our consultants having worked with precursor versions of the product on both the Lombardi Teamworks and WebSphere Process Server side.

    IBM Business Process
  • Innovation World 2014 

    Visit us at booth # C11 to learn about How Utility Leaders Transforming Operations with Enterprise Integration Platforms

    Innovation World 2014

    webMethods Services 

    ProSoft’s Software AG/webMethods Integration Services enable enterprises to become agile through creation, integration and governance of new and existing solutions that are engineered for business process optimization.

    webMethods Services

About Us

ProSoft Group Inc. (an Inc.500 company established in 1995) is a leading-edge, global IT service provider. These services include end-to-end Total Business Integration, Service Oriented Architecture, Business Process Management, Business Activity Monitoring, Enterprise Resource Planning, Enterprise Portals and Composite Solutions. readmore…

  • Webinar
  • Events
    • For an enterprise beginning its first BPM projects, it is essential to understand the concepts and value of a Center of Excellence (CoE).

      Like BPM itself, the CoE is not a single step, but rather a journey of continuous improvement.

      In this Webinar, ProSoft presents it’s more than a decade of sophisticated experience in Enterprise BPM solutions, which forms as a firm foundation to address unprecedented challenge to those enterprises that are midway through the pursuit of BPM excellence.

      We will showcase the three key focus areas and the responsibilities in each that must be fulfilled to completely address BPM governance – Strategy, Delivery & Shared infrastructure

      The audience for this webinar includes Executive Sponsors, Team Leaders, Lead Architects, Infrastructure Owners, and in general, anyone interested in transforming the enterprise around BPM principles to create a Center of Excellence (CoE).s.

    • In this webinar, the speaker will discuss various options available for the customers in migrating to SAP HANA by lowering the organizational and financial impact by taking a case study from his past experiences in helping customers with the same.

      We will also discuss a success story, provide insight and guidance on the steps, challenges and how to achieve a smooth transformation. Critical elements like scalability and business continuity shall be re-examined.

      Presented by:
      Praveen Sabbavarapu
      Delivery Manager, SAP Solutions
      Prosoft Technology Group, Inc.

    • Managing the webMethods environments and components within each environment is been challenging and time intense by accessing multiple environments and various integrations, on Premise and Cloud environments.

      In this Webinar, ProSoft presents its more than a decade of sophisticated experience in IT Enterprise Integration solutions, managing environments with observed challenges and applied solutions to transform better managed IT environments with latest solutions using webMethods CommandCentral.
      In this session, we will walk you through on how we can apply centralized management and administration abilities using Web UI based and CLI/API based solutions with template based provisioning for hundreds of product installations, fixes, administrative tasks, managing IS instances, license management, log access, Cloud Factory and many more.

      Presented by:
      Aravind Katragadda
      Principal Architect
      Prosoft Technology Group, Inc.

    • You are invited to meet our team @ Innovation World 2014, to learn about How Utility Leaders Transforming Operations with Enterprise Integration Platforms

      How are utility leaders transforming operations with enterprise integration platforms? Don’t miss four utility experts share insights on the ProSoft Utilities Roundtable at Innovation World 2014.

      Enterprise Integration Platform is the first place to start to transform your enterprise. Don’t miss to learn how these leaders have transformed the operations with Enterprise Integration Platforms and successfully started their journey towards a digital enterprise.

      Four utility industry experts share insights at the ProSoft Utilities Roundtable at Innovation World 2014.

      In this roundtable they will talk about their secrets and best practices about following topics:

      •    Common Data Information Models
      •    Cloud Computing, Integration and Enablement
      •    Meter Data Management and Real-time Analytics
      •    Mature ESBs Operations and Continuity

    • SAPPHIRENow-2  Stop by pod# 1615A and discover…
      .. .how ProSoft offers clients the service and expertise to achieve business value and ROI affordably.

      ProSoft has successfully established centers of excellence for value-added in-memory solutions running on the SAP HANA platform, SAP Mobility Platform, and e-Commerce (Hybris).

      ProSoft specializes in the SAP ERP application, e-commerce solutions from hybris, business analytics, customer relationship management, enterprise mobility, and the SAP NetWeaver technology platform.

    • impact2014Prosoft is proud to announce that we are a silver sponsor of IBM Impact 2014. This is IBM’s largest conference for IT and Business leaders and Prosoft continues to increase our presence at this conference . Please join us at the compelling sessions, we have designed especially for you

      SOA Center Of Excellence
      Considering building a Center of Excellence using IBM IIB, BPM and ODM assets and best practices ? Let us show you how, reserve a one-on-one session with our Broker Architects to discuss your broker environment during Impact and receive all our best practices documents customized to your environment absolutely free. Choose a convenient day from Sunday April 27 to Thursday May 1, 2014 and Reserve Your Spot Now.

      Call Center Solution with IBM BPM and WODM
      Join us at our Booth to see the live demo of our call center solution with Business Rules and Process Management. Choose a convenient day from Sunday April 27 to Thursday May 1, 2014 and Reserve Your Spot Now.

      Mobile Retail Application for Sales Associates
      Join us at our Booth to see the live demo of our Work-light Mobile application that enhances up-sell and Cross sell opportunities utilizing store driven Business Rules. Choose a convenient day from Sunday April 27 to Thursday May 1, 2014 and Reserve Your Spot Now.

      Event Driven Solutions for Smarter Cities
      Join us at our Booth to see the live demo of our Event Driven Solutions that demonstrates complex event processing applied to disparate, high-frequency data streams found in smarter city operations. Choose a convenient day from Sunday April 27 to Thursday May 1, 2014 and Reserve Your Spot Now.


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