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We reduced the SAP maintenance cost tremendously partnering with ProSoft and at the same time not compromising the quality and security. ProSoft's flexible, 24/7 SAP AMS enabled us to concentrate on the SAP...



For an enterprise beginning its first BPM projects, it is essential to understand the concepts and value of a Center of Excellence (CoE).

Like BPM itself, the CoE is not a single step, but rather a journey of continuous improvement.

In this Webinar, ProSoft presents it’s more than a decade of sophisticated experience in Enterprise BPM solutions, which forms as a firm foundation to address unprecedented challenge to those enterprises that are midway through the pursuit of BPM excellence.

We will showcase the three key focus areas and the responsibilities in each that must be fulfilled to completely address BPM governance – Strategy, Delivery & Shared infrastructure

The audience for this webinar includes Executive Sponsors, Team Leaders, Lead Architects, Infrastructure Owners, and in general, anyone interested in transforming the enterprise around BPM principles to create a Center of Excellence (CoE).s.

In this webinar, the speaker will discuss various options available for the customers in migrating to SAP HANA by lowering the organizational and financial impact by taking a case study from his past experiences in helping customers with the same.

We will also discuss a success story, provide insight and guidance on the steps, challenges and how to achieve a smooth transformation. Critical elements like scalability and business continuity shall be re-examined.

Presented by:
Praveen Sabbavarapu
Delivery Manager, SAP Solutions
Prosoft Technology Group, Inc.

Managing the webMethods environments and components within each environment is been challenging and time intense by accessing multiple environments and various integrations, on Premise and Cloud environments.

In this Webinar, ProSoft presents its more than a decade of sophisticated experience in IT Enterprise Integration solutions, managing environments with observed challenges and applied solutions to transform better managed IT environments with latest solutions using webMethods CommandCentral.
In this session, we will walk you through on how we can apply centralized management and administration abilities using Web UI based and CLI/API based solutions with template based provisioning for hundreds of product installations, fixes, administrative tasks, managing IS instances, license management, log access, Cloud Factory and many more.

Presented by:
Aravind Katragadda
Principal Architect
Prosoft Technology Group, Inc.

Today’s IT in almost every industry faces these challenges – faster response to consumers/ customers, High availability, High thorough-put and optimized resource utilization.

In this Webinar, ProSoft presents its more than a decade of sophisticated experience in IT Enterprise Integration solutions, modernization of environments with observed challenges and applied solutions to address major Business/IT needs with latest in-memory solutions using Terracotta – Big Memory.

In this session, we will walk you through on varieties of Terracotta Big Memory products,integration with other SoftwareAG products and implementation roadmap and upgrade paths.

Presented by:
Varun Tummala
Senior Architect
Prosoft Technology Group, Inc.

Business Process Management (BPM) has become the most important business and technology trend. It brings people and systems together. This results in empowering people in all corners of business to be successful.

In this Webinar, ProSoft presents its more than a decade of sophisticated experience in BPM solutions, to help you understand why BPM is so powerful and useful and very accessible for you.
In this session, we will walk you through basics of BPM, process modeling and business activity monitoring. You will also learn how Prosoft can help you implement SoftwareAG webMethods BPMS to achieve your organization goals.

Presented by:
Yogesh Dhimate
Senior Architect
Prosoft Technology Group, Inc.

As a premier IBM partner, ProSoft is offering several promotions that will set your company up for upgrading successfully to the newer version IBM Integration Bus v9 (formerly Websphere Message Broker).

Completing this upgrade will also allow you to take advantage of significant performance improvements that are offered in IBM Integration Bus.

Join Rajesh Jayathirtha, IBM IIB Architect- to learn how to:

• Understand the new features and benefits of the product, implementation paths

• Procedures and pitfalls of an upgrade initiative

• Share our best practices in hardware configuration, deployment consideration and leveraging the new capabilities available in the new IBM Integration Bus v9.

• Webinar will also cover requirements for rectification, regression testing, upgrade methodologies and cutover planning activities.

Presented by:
Rajesh Jayathirtha
IBM IIB Architect
Prosoft Technology Group, Inc.

In the past few years, Service Oriented Architecture has gone from “the talk of the town” to solid reality. The continued rise in the popularity of SOA “requires disciplined governance to achieve the promised reuse.”

Businesses must get SOA right from the start in order to prevent projects from turning into merely A Bunch of Services.

In this session, we will explain how to initiate governance at the design and development phase and carry it through operations, discuss the role of an integrated SOA Governance Automation in keeping IT properly aligned with high-level business processes.

We will also walk you through Development Governance best practices.

Presented by:
Samir Issa
Prosoft Technology Group, Inc.

Although enterprise service buses (ESBs) have been around for a number of years, there is still a lot of confusion regarding the actual capabilities these products provide. Product enhancement efforts by leading ESB vendors have added to the confusion, as new features often cross product boundaries with other integration product categories.

The STATT (Strategic Technical Application Techniques and Tactics) methodology from Prosoft Technology Group helps your organization build the foundation required to successfully execute SOA program on the ESB.

This offering can be tailored to fit your needs, based on your organization’s maturity in the SOA program and on the ESB platform.

In this session, we will walk you through our approach and demonstrate the value added deliverables from such initiatives.

Presented by:
Ram Kanumuri
Prosoft Technology Group, Inc.

Enterprise Integration (EI) has been rapidly changing in recent years, modernization is major challenge and it renews and revitalizes IT assets to create an agile, flexible infrastructure is more responsive to change, improves organization performance and maintains a leading edge.

In this Webinar, ProSoft presents its more than a decade of sophisticated experience in IT Infrastructure and Enterprise Integration solutions, which forms as a firm foundation to transform IT environments of the future, and also it’s understanding of legacy systems and their complex environments.
ProSoft’s successful methodology and consistent approach to Enterprise Integration modernization works witness many satisfied customers. Prosoft’s frameworks, processes and talented resources are well established and proven in modernization and individual integration projects.

We will also showcase how the new modernized integrations would perform, should be managed, and have the assets and expertise in the areas that will shape the future of middle integrations with Cloud Enablement and SOA in flexible capacity planning.

Presented by:
Aravind Katragadda
Prosoft Technology Group, Inc.

Come join us for a 30 minutes interactive webinar on SAP TDMS to learn how you can leverage SAP TDMS to synchronise your Testing and Development systems with Productive data. Learn how SAP Test Data Migration Server (TDMS) helps create small, easy-to-maintain non-production environments with consistent, relevant extracts of business data, minimizing infrastructure and maintenance expenses while maximizing the effectiveness and accuracy of your development, test and training activities. Gone are the days where you would spend loads of hours struggling to provide production like data to testing and support teams.

Speaker: Sai Rolla
Sai is the principal architect at ProSoft Technology Group Inc, and also an expert in Installation and Configuration of SAP Enterprise and Netweaver Applications like SAP ECC, PI,BI,EP, SRM, CRM, MDM, Solution Manager, BEx. He is specialized in SAP System planning, Sizing, Performance Management, Maintenance and Optimization and is one of the very first certified HANA experts.

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